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Oh no, the Blue Ball and the Pink Ball have been separated! Can you help them get back together for their happy ending? Bring these two love balls together again with just the tip of your pen. Love Balls is the ultimate easy-to-play puzzle game suitable for the whole family. Learn more about the game features here and be the Love Balls master!


Love Balls has one goal: make the Blue Ball and the Pink Ball bump each other using creative solutions! Draw lines or shapes that will lead the balls back to each other. Make sure to keep them from falling off the screen or from pointy obstacles. Players also need to ensure that the balls do not get stuck in the traps in the game levels. Each level has a challenging obstacle to overcome. Players have to put on their thinking caps and use new, clever and imaginative solutions to solve the puzzles.


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The rules might sound simple, but the game gets harder as you go along. Sometimes, one line is all you need to solve the level. Other times, you have to draw combinations of lines and even some shapes. There are also ink limitations and obstacles to worry about if you want your solution to get a high score. Hence, careful planning is the key to solving these puzzles! If you get stuck at certain levels, stay calm and take a deep breath. Analyze the situation and propose a suitable solution.


One advantage of the game is that players can try all the levels for as many times as they want. There is no time limit on how long players can take to solve each level. So do not give up as the answer is usually just around the corner! Simply refer to our Love Balls game walkthrough page and find out how to solve the challenging levels with ease.


Love Balls, developed by Lion Studios, is being updated weekly with new levels that will surely challenge your wits and imagination. Check out the latest update here at where we bring you the most up-to-date information and bug fixes to the game. Never feel missed out again! Join us in this brain-teasing adventure and spread the love with Love Balls! Now available on PC and Mac.



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Game Features

  • Free-to-play, available for PC, Mac and mobile!
  • Kid-friendly, can be enjoyed by the whole family!
  • Lots of fun-filled and challenging levels!
  • Simple, easy to learn controls!
  • Online leaderboard to show your friends your best scores!

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Play Love Balls now, available in PC, Mac and Mobile for FREE!