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You don’t need to have a lover to enjoy Love Balls; in fact, this game is great for the lonely hearts who want a casual doodle and puzzle game! The goal is simple: you have 2 spherical lovers separated from obstacles and is up to you to draw the line (literally) and get them back together as a happy couple! Open your mind and embrace creativity in this simple but imaginative game that will have you thinking with doodles. Forget Cut The Rope, forget match-3 games, forget portals even! If you need a simple puzzle game with intensive thinking, the Love Balls game is your answer. Get it for free on PC! Download Love Balls the game here.


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Think with Doodles 

Normally, any casual puzzle game has pre-fixed level designs and built-in mechanics. But with Love Balls game play, the sky is the limit. So, how do you unite two cute love balls together when most of the levels are white canvases? Think with doodles, of course. No, you do not need a stylus to draw and solve; all you need is your mouse. If you ever played other Love Balls games like Happy Glass, Where’s My Avocado and Draw In, then this game won’t come as a surprise.

Very Simple Mechanics 

Your goal is simple: connect the two lovers together using doodle skills. Each level is built to make you think about how you will intertwine the male and female balls using neat drawing mechanics. There are no power-ups, no cheats, no blocks of puzzles or obstacles to destroy; it’s you, the two balls and the large white canvas. There are no fixed ways to draw – you can choose to become straightforward with lines and curves, or take your sweet time and create an actual drawing that does not just look good but helps the love balls too! There are no limits to how many drawings you want to do but take note that lesser doodles or moves result in higher scores.

The game also utilizes the 3-star system similar to Cut the Rope – the less actions you do to finish the stage, the more chance you get on earning 3 stars.Time pressure also does not apply in the game too. If you do have a hard time picking up the pace, you can always seek help from the game’s assistance tab – it will guide you what shape or curve you need to draw in order to complete the level you need help with. In that case, everybody wins! No losers in this game – just lovers.

Creativity in Its Simplest (But Effective) Form 

The sky is the limit once you take control of a level in the Love Balls game online. Nobody and nothing will stop you from creating drawings from the ground up however you want it. Create slides, polygons or even actual shapes of humans, animals and structures if you want so as long as your drawings will help the male and female balls come together! You can even show off your creations via Facebook connect (but we all know nobody wants to connect their Facebook account to the game and show off unless you play competitive online games). As such, all you need is a mouse to draw the line. However, if you do have an art stylus like a WACOM or Genius, you can use it like a pointer and turn into a controller for Love Balls should you choose to do so.

Multiple Themes to Unlock 

Love Balls online constantly adds in new content to keep the game feeling fresh every time you start a level. Thanks to unlockable content, you will want to play the game multiple times in order to get your reward! Prizes mainly include themes for the two love balls including Egyptian, animals, space and even different shapes. You do not need to buy these with real money: everything can be earned just by playing through the game and accumulate enough points.

Not only do you unlock costumes but you can also get new hidden levels and themes to your own liking. You can only get these through finishing all the levels even without 3 stars.

Different Pens to Collect 

Besides the backgrounds and costumes, you can also collect colorful pens that you can use to complete each level! The game may start out with the default black color, but you can use the points you acquired from completed stages in exchange for multiple pen colors. These can range from the usual color palettes to more unusual and vibrant themes like rainbows, sparks, and grayscale. You can switch up the colors at any time during a stage – giving you the opportunity to make the game look more vibrant than the usual all-black settings.

Game Features

  • Free-to-play, available for PC, Mac and mobile!
  • Kid-friendly, can be enjoyed by the whole family!
  • Lots of fun-filled and challenging levels!
  • Simple, easy to learn controls!
  • Online leaderboard to show your friends your best scores!

Give the Love Balls their much-awaited happy ending!

Check out these game screenshots. Screenshot Screenshot

Play Love Balls now, available in PC, Mac and Mobile for FREE!

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