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Play Love Balls now and help to bring these two Love Balls back together! It’s a simple and fun game that will surely entertain you. Most importantly, it’s FREE! – Simply download the game and have fun!

This game is the best for logic seekers and challenge fanatics. The higher the level, the more brain-teasing it will be. Love Balls is a very addictive game. Level up and be proud of your achievements! Share your results and challenge your friends with these cute puzzles! You cannot help but play more and more!


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About Love Balls

Love Balls game was published by Lion Studios. Although it was just released 6 months ago, Love Balls game has taken many players and gamers around the globe by storm. In North America, Love Balls was ranked number one among free iOS app for two weeks straight! The game is so popular that you can also see Love Balls game ranking high on the charts in Australia, France, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK.


Love Balls is a fun strategical physics game that is good for kids and adults, for all ages. It is a game that requires both skills and brainpower. it can also enhance your problem-solving skills for a good cause – awesome isn’t. Love Balls has no inappropriate content despite the suggestive sounding title. So do not be turned off by the game title. Download and have fun! The first few levels are easy to play, you can complete each level as quickly as a few seconds. Hence one good reason why it is extremely addictive!



How to Play Love Balls

In the game, the two lover balls are apart and your aim is to help these balls to be back together. To do this, you will need to draw a line or shapes on your screen to make the ball move from its place. Use your mouse cursor to control the virtual pen and draw on the game board. Usually, the line will give one ball a slight push, sending it to the other ball for them to reunite. Other times, you will need to draw a line to prevent obstacles from coming in between the path of the two balls. The possibilities are unlimited.


There are many ways you can draw the lines and shapes but the amount of ink you are given for each level is limited. Hence you will need to plan it beforehand. There are plenty of levels in this game and it becomes more challenging as you proceed. Do bear in mind that the law of gravity applies in this game. The brain-teasing puzzles will surely get you to think harder. At the end of every level, the Love Balls should always touch each other to pass or win a level. Use only the amount of ink that you need and aim for 3 stars in each level! Check out our walkthrough page and see how we solve these puzzles.



Get tips and cheats for the game as well! Learn how you can ace this game with us. You will definitely fall in love with this game.


Grab Love Balls and bring some colorful romance to your life!