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Love Balls is a simple and easy-to-play puzzle game for the whole family! The goal is simple. Simply draw lines and shapes so that the two love balls can reunite. Sounds easy? Then try to solve all the levels and exceed your friends’ high scores! If you are stuck in any of the levels, you can refer to our walkthrough videos and understand how to solve each level. Download Love Balls for FREE and play today!


We also provide you with the latest updates of the game. It’s not the end after you have downloaded the game. Bookmark our page and stay in touch. Read more about our tips and hacks and see how you can conquer this game to be the ultimate Love Balls master!


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Love Balls is a great game for you to kill some time or take a short break from work and school. These simple puzzles will stimulate your creative juices which can help in your brain development! Look at things from a different perspective and you may be able to get something different out of it. Download Love Balls today! And if you like this puzzle game, be sure to try out 1Line as well! 1Line is another interactive puzzle game in which players have to connect all the dots on the game board using just 1 line.