How to Play Love Balls | Gameplay and Features

Love Balls is a very simple and easy-to-play puzzle game. Simply draw lines and shapes on the game board to let the 2 love balls meet. Utilize the tools given on the game board. Although the levels can be very complex to figure out, you will definitely get the satisfaction when you finally solve the puzzles. Challenge your problem-solving skills with this strategic game. The gameplay is smooth and the game runs without a glitch. Now available on PC / Mac, you can enjoy puzzle-solving on a bigger and clearer screen! Read on to know more about how to play Love Balls!


How To Play Love Balls


How to Play Love Balls

Playing Love Balls is easy. You are welcomed by a tutorial when you first enter the game. The tutorial guides you on how to play Love Balls with the simple-to-follow instructions. In each of the game level, you will find two love balls that are apart. Bring them together again by helping them overcome the obstacle(s) between them. Reunite this lovely couple.


For them to get them to be together, you will need to make a quick draw of lines and shapes on your screen. The line/shapes you draw will fall to the ground and act as a bridge to connect the 2 balls together. Once the drawing is complete, one of the balls will start moving towards the other ball.


How To Play Love Balls


In the initial levels, to get your balls back together, it is as easy as drawing a simple curve. But as you proceed to the subsequent levels, the difficulty of the levels increases rapidly. As you go, to help your balls to avoid obstacles, you will find out that you need more and more thinking and planning.


The number of stars you get for completing each level depends on the amount of pen ink you have used. This means that the more you use your pen, the lesser stars you will get. So as such, your true objective, aside from getting the balls to be together, is to use as little pen ink as possible to complete each level. Tip: when it comes to getting the job done, triangles and curved lines are your allies. 🙂


How To Play Love Balls


Other Features

The setup in each level of Love Balls is different. However, all the goals are the same. The only goal is to get the two balls to collide and touch each other since these balls are in love. Do note that in some of the game levels, the balls will move by themselves after you finish drawing. On the other hand, in other levels, you will need to draw a line to push the ball for it to start moving.


For most of the game levels, you will only need to draw one or two lines to solve the puzzle. You can also draw more lines and shapes if your first line doesn’t work, provided that you still haven pen ink. If you fail to complete the level or want to obtain 3 stars, you can simply restart the level. You will find this function very useful in the later stages of the game as the puzzles get tougher. Often, you will need to fail a few times in a certain level to fully understand how the balls and obstacles will move so that you can plan your path. Sounds tough? Fret not as we have prepared tips and tricks for our readers here! Check out the walkthroughs for the Love Balls levels if you have troubles completing any of them!


How To Play Love Balls


The Love Balls game is suitable for players of all ages. This game is especially beneficial for kids as it encourages them to be creative and think out of the box. It is easy to teach them how to play Love Balls. Although the name of the game may sound suggestive and make you doubt its content, we would assure you that it is not mature in any way. As in all free-to-play games, Love Balls contains ads in between levels which do not affect the gameplay at all.


Players do not need to spend real money on this game as Love Balls does not contain any in-app purchases. However, there is an in-game currency that you can use to customize the balls, pens, and backgrounds. So put on your thinking caps and start playing Love Balls on your PC / Mac today!


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