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How to play Level 148 of Love Balls Game?

Love Balls is an easy-to-play puzzle game that is suitable for players of all ages. The main objective is to make the 2 love balls bump into each other with the given game board. Players will be presented with a different game board in each level. In level 148, you are faced with an obstacle, which is the meshed fence with a pink love ball behind it. Let us take a look at the tips and tricks to solving this level.


Love Balls Level 148

The key to beating Level 148 on Love Balls is drawing an arc-shaped line that ends in just the correct spot on the right side of the game board. The arc-shaped line will then fall behind the fence and push the pink ball to the left, letting it fall off the edge of the cliff. The problem with fences is that players will not be able to draw their line underneath the fence. Hence, they can only end their line right at the edge of the fence.


Start the arc just to the left of the honeycomb pattern where the pink ball is located. If you start too far away, the arc will fall short and not land in the right spot to help push the pink ball off the cliff. Another scenario is that the arc will hit the pink love ball, but causes it to roll to the right. That is not the direction you want the pink ball to go. On the other hand, if you draw the line too far to the left of the fence, it will simply knock into the wall and not cause the pink ball to move in any way.


How to draw the line?

So, make sure you are starting extremely close to the line where the meshed fence stops. You’ll want to use the pen tool to begin drawing your line at about 3.5 honeycombs high, or slightly higher than the midpoint of the honeycomb pattern area. As you continue to draw upwards, make an arch and bring the line down, as if you are drawing a mountain. End the line slightly to the left of the blue ball. Once you’ve finished drawing this arc, your drawn arc should fall down to the right. The line will nicely touch the pink ball and cause it to roll to the left. Thereafter it will fall off the cliff and ultimately rolling into the blue ball to complete the level.


Love Balls Level 148


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