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How to play Level 150 of Love Balls Game?

Love ball is a very interesting puzzle game. The objective of this game is to make two love balls collide with each other. It is not that easy because lines that can be drawn for each level is limited if players want to get 3 stars. There are plenty of levels and the game gets harder and tricky after some levels. Hence, there is a need for players to strategize


Love Balls Level 150

To solve level 150 in Love Balls game, you will first need to remove the yellow ball obstacle in between the blue and pink love balls. Draw a strong lever to lift the yellow ball out of the game board. Be careful to take note of the blue ball as it may roll to the left. Draw a line to stop the blue ball from leaving the platform. Push the pink ball to the left to let it touch the blue ball and complete the level. Timing and accuracy are key points to clear this level with 3 stars.


Love Balls Level 150


Think out of the box! Be creative! Love Balls is very interesting to play and a very addictive game. This game is free to play! Download it on your PC/Mac here! It is suitable for all the age groups. People can also enjoy the fun of collecting pens. There are also other customizations available! Check them out! Try getting a higher score and share your achievements with your friends.


There are also daily challenges in Love Balls where players can try out advanced puzzles as brain teasers. New levels are updated every week so that you will have unlimited fun! So play the game now!