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How to play Level 20 of Love Balls Game?

In Love Balls game, there are two balls in the game, a pink and a blue ball. This is a very easy game to play. Hence Love Balls is a great game for players of all ages. Put on your thinking caps and find a way to bump the balls together. The virtual pen is used for drawing the lines in the game board. Find out how you can solve Love Ball Level 20 here!


Love Balls Level 20

The objective of this game is to bring the love balls together. Hence, players need to use their creativity to make the love balls move to each other. For example, at Level 20, you are presented with a game board with one love ball on each side of the screen. Below the pink love ball, there is a shelf to hold the love ball. On the other hand, there is no shelf below the blue love ball. Hence, the blue ball will drop out of the game board due to gravity. Thus, there is a need to guide the blue love ball to the right side where the shelf is to meet the pink love ball.


Love Balls Level 20


Try it out yourself! Love Balls is a fun and interactive puzzle game that give your brain the daily challenge it needs. The levels get harder and harder as you proceed. Aim to get 3 stars in all Love Balls levels! Download the game today! Play Love Balls on your PC/Mac.