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How to play Level 50 of Love Balls Game?

With so many levels in Love Balls to complete, you may feel lost at some point in time. Your mind seems to go blank and cannot think of a right answer for the puzzle. What you need is a reliable source that can provide you with the simplest solution to your problems. Read more to find out how you can solve Love Balls level 50 with these simple steps.


Love Balls Level 50

Level 50 of Love Balls is actually quite easy even though it is quite an advanced level. You will see that you have two balls held apart. The one on the right is in an area that you cannot draw in and is also raised. Hence, these obstacles may serve as a challenge for many players. The go-to response to complete this is to do as you have previously and draw an angled line above the ball on the left to try and push it along.


However, you will find that by doing this you will lack the momentum needed to actually push the blue ball hard enough to get it up the ramp. What you need to do to complete this level is draw a circle above the ball on the left, quite high so it has a chance to speed up when it falls. Let it fall so that it touches the left-hand hand side of the ball. If the circle is big enough and carries enough weight, the ball will gain enough speed to roll up the ramp and touch the pink ball.


Love Balls Level 50


The trickiest part of it is finding the exact area to draw the circle from as it needs to be quite accurate. If you are too far to the left, you will miss the ball. If you are too far to the right, you will land on the ball and it wont move at all. This may take a few attempts, but you will be able to correct your drop point as you are trying it. But once you can find that point to drop it from you will complete the level with relative ease and move onto level 51.


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