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How to play Level 51 of Love Balls Game?

Love Balls is an interactive puzzle game developed by SuperTapx and available for download on your PC/Mac now. Love Balls is an insanely cute game that’s topping the gaming charts right now. And we’re here to make sure that you’re topping the levels complete list as well! There are many different levels in Love Balls. The levels get harder and harder as you proceed and you may get stuck at certain stages. Read more and find out how you can solve Level 51 of Love Balls.


Love Balls Level 51

In Love Balls Level 51, you will see a blue love ball hanging in midair on the left panel. The pink ball is located at the right panel of the game board, with a meshed fence over the ball. As players are unable to draw anything beneath the fence, they will need to draw the line right till the fencing starts. Draw a downward slope below the blue ball to guide the ball towards the pink ball.


Love Balls Level 51


You may need to practice a few times in order to get the angle right. However, there is no limit to the number of times you can attempt each level. Hence it’s an advantage for players who do not like to wait for the lives to regenerate in their games. Read more about the game features of Love Balls here! You can also find the solutions of other game levels for Love Balls in our Knowledge Base page.