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How to play Level 60 of Love Balls Game?

Love Balls is an interactive puzzle game which requires players to find a way to make the two Love Balls meet and touch. In a variety of different scenarios, the player needs to draw lines to make sure that the blue ball can get to the pink ball. Learn how to play Love Balls Level 60 below. You can also read about the solutions to other Love Balls levels in our Knowledge Base section


Love Balls Level 60

For level 60 of this game, the blue ball is stationed high above the pink ball on the left side of the screen. The pink ball is stationed lower on the right side of the screen. The pink ball is also held behind the meshed fence and no lines can be drawn over the fence. The player must find a way to get the blue ball down to the pink ball.


With no other obstacles in between the 2 balls, level 60 seems fairly easy for players at first glance. However, players cannot simply draw a line that extends towards the pink ball to guide the blue ball towards it as the line will be too short. Players cannot extend the line right to the platform where the pink ball is situated due to the fence. Thus, players will need to draw an arc that throws the blue ball into the fenced zone to allow it to touch the pink ball. The degree of curve needs to be estimated by the player. Hence players will need to take a few trials-and-errors to make it succeed.


The curve that you have to draw is as follows

Love Balls level 60


Due to gravity, the second half of the line will drop to the ground after you release your pen. This brings the blue ball to slide along the line towards the pink line. It takes patience and practice to complete each stage. Think out of the box! Try out other solutions as well!


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