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How to play Level 72 of Love Balls Game?

The optimal, three-star strategy for Love Balls level 72 is fairly straightforward. The goal of every level is to get the blue and pink balls to roll into one another (thus the “love” component of “Love Balls”). Proper use of the environment is key, especially given the star-rating system which incentivizes drawing few lines and working quickly. Read more to find out how you can solve Love Balls level 72 with these simple steps.


Love Balls Level 72

Love Balls Level 72


There are three classes of object on the screen when you begin the level:

1) the green disk in the center of the screen, which acts as a “pin”;

2) the yellow triangles which, unlike the green disk, are affected by gravity and fall when you press “play”; and

3) the balls themselves which represent the win state


The player has no direct control over the balls but instead must draw in black lines which redirect the balls as well as pieces of the environment in order to win. The best strategy for this level is to draw a triangular “cup” to capture the two balls and the 12 o’clock yellow triangle. The trick is to get the drawn cup to balance on the green pin. The best method seems to have the yellow triangle on the left, with the balls rolling together on the right. Avoid attempting to get the cup to perfectly balance vertically; instead allow the cup to fall over, stacking the yellow triangle and balls inside. A much easier feat! While easier, be aware that you will likely have to do some trial and error to get the balls just right.


The most common error we see is not tapering the drawn cup sufficiently to center the balls and yellow triangle on the green pin. Drawing too wide will make getting the proper balance more difficult, as the further away an object is from the fulcrum (center), the more torque (turning force) it exerts on the structure. A nice, narrow cup will place the balls and triangle closer to the fulcrum, minimizing the impact of any minor shirts or unbalance.


Give it a try! Download Love Balls on your PC/Mac today! Find out how to solve other levels in Love Balls in our Knowledge Base page!