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Welcome to the Love Balls Knowledge Base! Get all the comprehensive answers to your questions about this fun, light-hearted game right here! Love Balls is a highly interactive puzzle game that is suitable for players of all ages. Put on your thinking caps as you are on a mission to reunite the two love balls. Using your virtual pen, draw lines and connect the bridge between the love balls. Avoid obstacles that may come between them along the way. Overcome all odds and play matchmaker for these two love balls.


You may have already read how to play Love Balls, or visited our full Love Balls Levels Walkthrough, and picked up some tips, tricks, and cheats. Not yet satisfied? Then see below for a list of frequently asked questions about Love Balls!


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How to play Level 30 of Love Balls Game?

Love Balls is an interactive puzzle where you need to bring the 2 love balls back together again. Using your creative hands, draw the path to guide the love balls…

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