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What are some of the Love Balls game cheats?

Love Balls is a puzzle game that uses line drawings to create and bump balls with an interactive pen. In order to get the balls to bump together, lines and angles will have to be used to move the one Love Ball to the other. When one ball is in motion, create another line for the other ball to make them meet. Sometimes, the Love Balls will move by themselves when you finish drawing. So, you will need to see which direction the ball move in to be able to plan your move. Read more about some of the Love Balls Game Cheats we have prepared for you!


Love Balls Game Cheats

Players score higher when balls bump on the first attempt. However, sometimes it takes multiple trials to get the ball through tricky spots. Therefore, players should consider following the red outline or outline of various shapes and then create their own ball to drop on the starting ball. By doing so, players can bump the ball on the first attempt. However, this game cheat only applies to the initial levels of Love Balls. You are on your own after you have familiarized yourself with the gameplay. There are other times the player must create planes with a pulley-like system. More planning is required when the method to bring the balls together is not clear. If there are obstacles on the game board, players need to strategize and prevent the balls from getting trapped and missing the 3-star achievement.


The higher the level achievement, the more challenging it becomes to attract the two balls together. What’s good about the game is that you don’t have to be good at drawing straight lines, angles or some type of pulley or levy. But physics does play a role in the game as sometimes the balls have to find themselves layered or covered under objects in order to bump. For the levels that have obstacles moving, the player will need to consider timing efforts involved. Otherwise, there is a chance of missing the ball altogether and losing that turn.


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