Love Balls Ultimate Walkthrough | Game Levels

Welcome to the Love Balls Ultimate Walkthrough, where our Love Balls game team will guide you on all the levels that Love Balls game have. Read on as we bring you the best guide and walkthroughs of this game from easy, intermediate, to hard levels! Don’t miss the moment to get every perk that you can access via this site! Now let us look at the guide we prepare for you about Love Balls Levels. Get this chance on this information, you can get 3 stars in simple ways and get ahead in everyone.


Love Balls Game Levels

The Love Balls game has more than 500 levels at the moment – so much for a puzzle game. Our team has organized it from easy, intermediate to hard levels to give you more clear information and techniques in different levels. You don’t have to be good at drawing to play this game. In the first few levels of the game, you will only need to draw straight lines on the screen to direct the love balls to the direction you want it to be going.


Love Balls Levels



The Initial Stages

From levels 1 to 10, there are tutorials for beginners in the game to guide you. The tutorials will show you some techniques on how to play each level, giving you some easy steps that you can follow right away. For example, you will need to draw a short-curved line on the top of the ball so as to give it a slight push towards the other ball. Very simple and easy to follow, right? Download and play the game now!


In levels 11 to 30, the Balls are further away from each other so you must draw longer curved lines. There are also some slopes in this level so long waves of line may help you. You will also need to draw straight lines for some levels as well. Don’t forget to save your ink when drawing in the game board. Whether you get 3 stars or not depends on the remaining amount of ink you have. The less ink you use, the more the stars you can win so skimp on ink!


Love Balls Levels


From Level 31 to 60, there are new restrictions added to the game board. You will not be able to draw on some parts of the screen. Your free drawing zone are limited so you must draw smartly. Drawing curve lines to circle shape will saved the ball from falling. Also, drawing a hook on the end of lines is useful. If you know how the physics works you can survive it until the end.


Falling objects start to appear in levels 61 to 80. These large block of shapes acts as barriers in your pathway and prevent you from completing your mission. However, sometimes it can help to give your ball an extra boost, pushing it to move towards the other ball, so that you won’t waste more ink. Creativity is needed in levels 80 to 90 because it has fewer slopes than usual. Players must create their own pathway towards the other ball. You can try making shapes like triangles, circles, squares, long inclined lines and big curved lines to solve the puzzles.


Love Balls Levels



The Intermediate Levels

In levels 91 to 150, the levels are upgraded. You will also see more advanced obstacles in the game boards such as balancing seesaw and lasers. Lasers have buttons that you can switch off to enter the other side. You must have the extra speed for this because some objects fall to stop you from moving. Some levels had multiple obstacles like slopes with lasers and falling objects. In other levels, you will have some parts of the screen that you can’t draw on. The balls are way too apart and that you also need to use the obstacle to save ink and let the ball rolling.


Love Balls Levels


Levels 150 to 200 onwards are intermediate levels. You will see random puzzles, multiple obstacles, and barriers all on one level. Just like on level 160, one of the love balls is on the top of a block while the other one is on the ground. Separating them is a laser that is inside of the part you can’t draw in. The solution is for level 160 is to draw a straight line above of the “don’t draw zone” and let the line fall. It will make an inclined line which is the pathway for your ball. Draw small curved lines above the ball on the block and let it roll towards the ball on the ground. It is tricky, isn’t it? Give it a try! Download the game on your PC and attempt level 160 now!


Love Balls Levels


The Hard Levels

From level 200 onwards, the levels will be considered as hard levels as players are required to think out of the box. Learn to use teleport in level 205 to level 216! Amazing huh? Who would imagine you can teleport in this game? Just like falling objects, teleportation can work to your advantage while other times to your disadvantage. As the game progresses, more portals are laid to help or confuse you. Hence, players need to be careful on what portal you are entering. In levels 217 to 240, some of these levels have a combination of lasers, barricade portals and falling shapes. In levels 241 to 276, you will notice the addition of new moving objects similar to an elevator or an escalator which you can ride it. Sometimes it pushes you to move to the other ball.


We hope that you have gained new insights into the game with this Love Balls ultimate walkthrough. Learn more tips and tricks on how to solve these puzzles and understand more about the game features of Love Balls! If you still not playing this game, you are definitely missing out on the fun! Join the millions of people who are playing this and download Love Balls now!