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Welcome to Love Balls Cheats Guide, where we bring you special tips and tricks to clear the levels in your favorite Love Balls puzzle game. These helpful cheats and hacks can definitely make things easier for players like you to further enjoy the game. Are you ready to look at various cheats available right now? Don’t lose hope if some of the levels are hard for you to solve, you know we got your back!


Love Balls Tips


5 Helpful Love Balls Tips

Keep a lookout of Your Ink

The first thing that you need to understand when playing Love Balls is that you only have limited amoutn of ink. In every level, there are different volume or amount of ink that you can use. You must limit the usage of the ink if you want to gain 3 stars. Keep a lookout of the bar at the top of the screen. It will show you how much ink you used and how many stars you will get. Use only the amount of ink needed to let the two balls collide or touch each other.



As the saying goes, “try and try until you succeed”. It’s a cliché but that’s all you need to do. Since the game would not explain how to solve each level and how the balls will travel, you will need to experiment and try out the puzzles yourselves. As there is no limit on the number of attempts and lives in the game, you can take your time in solving them. Using a straight line is not the only option that you have in playing the game. You can also use curve lines, different shapes etc. If you guess the possible answer, try to minimize the use of the ink so you can gain 3 stars.


Never Skip

For you to properly understand the game, you must play it in order so you can learn the mechanics. As there is no particular order in which you need to solve the puzzle, it is advisable to complete them according to the numbers as it’s arranged in increasing difficulty. We understand sometimes it’s hard to finish a certain level and you will want to skip it because you’re getting exhausted or bored. However, if you analyze it carefully, there will be clues on the previous level that you skipped for the following levels.


For example, look at the picture below, the Love Balls are trapped inside the fence. It will appear unexpectedly so if you skip a certain level you don’t know what you will do and skip it. The Fence prevents your ink so you can’t draw over it so you need to learn ways to gain knowledge for the next levels.


Love Balls Tips


Learn and Recall

You must learn that each level is teaching you new ways to solve the puzzle. For example, level 11 is teaching you how to make a line in spaces or gaps that won’t fall and make a bridge that will reunite the Love Balls. You must find a way to make the shortest line with the highest success rate. This will be a great help for you to solve upcoming levels. That’s why it is essential that you remember small details and ideas that can help you as you advance to the next level.


Love Balls Tips


Lines and Shapes

You can draw curved lines or hearts in Love Balls. Make use of the obstacles in the levels as well. Items such as boxes may sometimes help you meet your goal. Curved lines are used in making bridges that will connect one ball to another. A mountain-like line can be used to slide a ball downwards to the other ball. Boxes are used to balance and stop a ball. Hooked slopes are used to keep the line suspended but be careful not to block the Love Balls. Remember that a single line is not always the option in solving the puzzle. Well-placed short lines can also be effective.


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