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Love Balls Updates and Latest News

Looking for the latest update for Love Balls? Not sure when’s the next release of new levels in Love Balls? Look no further as you’re in the right spot. In this page, you can read here the up-to-date Love Balls information and thrilling news on the newly released levels. Do not be the last person to know about what is happening in the Love Balls game community. Get all the latest Love Balls updates by bookmarking this page now!


Historically, Love Balls will always release its updated version every week! Yes, you are reading it right. Love Balls releases new puzzles every week so there will be no dull moments or boring time in your day. Many gamers love the simplicity of the game! Its minimalist game board and use of warm colors are the major draw points in this game! You will just keep going on and on clearing all the levels.


New Skins

The most recent update is the skin of the Love Balls that makes it more adorable to play. Some of the skins available are pirates, pigs, Vikings, unicorns, wizards, royalty, and ancient Egyptian. The latest skin released is the swimwear as shown in the image below. Looks like the Love Balls are getting ready for summer! Do note that these skins will be solely used for the appearance of the ball and it will not help you in solving the puzzles.


Love Balls Update


Other customizations in Love Balls would be the drawing pen. Players are able to choose the type of pen to use when drawing the lines and shapes in the game. So be sure to unlock those unique pens that suit your own style! The future of the Love Balls lies in the tip of your pen!


Love Balls Update


Add a background on the game board and enhance your gaming experience. If you find the plain background boring, you may want to consider changing the background design of your game board! Select a background that suits your mood! There are so many options to choose from! Other updates also include: level stars ranking system, the vibration, background music and sound effects can be turned off. Minor bugs in the game are also fixed. They also added portals and daily challenges to give you more coins. The game publisher is always improving the difficulty and performance of the game so that players can have an entertaining and smooth gameplay experience.


Love Balls Ranked Number 1

If this the first time you encountered this game, Love Balls is an interactive puzzle game that has become popular ever since it was released. The gameplay is simple. Make the red and blue Love Balls bump or touch each other by drawing different types of lines, shapes or structures in each game level. Some levels may be a walk in the park but brace yourself because the higher the level, the harder it will be to solve. Many people cannot stop playing this game due to the fun puzzles and unlimited tries they get to solve each puzzle. And if you get stuck at any level, you can check out the detailed walkthrough that we have prepared so that you do not have to crack your heads up to solve them!


Love Balls Update



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